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Smoking Cessation Program

Giving up smoking is the single most important thing you can do for your health.

Are you ready to quit smoking? Our Smoking Cessation Program provides support to all patients, including those who smoke, have recently quit smoking or who wish to assist someone in quitting. With the help of our trained pharmacists and nurse practioners, you can make your health your priority. 

What Services Are Provided Within the Smoking Cessation Program?

Individual Counselling

At individual counselling with your trained smoking cessation counsellor, you can expect: 

  • A review of your current smoking habits and
  • A discussion of your risks and challenges
  • To develop a 'quit plan' to best suit your needs
  • To be linked to community supports and receive current literature and resources 
  • To receive Nicotine Replacement Therapy, including patches, gums, inhalers and lozenges, through the STOP program
  • To be set up for ongoing support in person, by phone or internet with a pharmacist or nurse practitioner 

How Do I Join?

If you are interested in quitting smoking and want to join the program, please inform your physician or call the front desk to book an appointment. You can always book on your own iniative if you decide to start at a later date, as well as re-enroll in the program any time if you happen to relapse.

About the STOP program

The Smoking Treatment for Ontario Patients (STOP) is an Ontario-wide program designed to help people reduce or quit smoking. A key element of the program is to increase access to Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). As apart of the program, you may receive 6 months of nicotine patches, gums, inhalers or lozenges.

To learn more about the STOP program, you can click here: https://www.nicotinedependenceclinic.com/en/stop/home