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Our family health team pharmacists work directly with CVFHT patients to ensure medications are being used safely and effectively. Our pharmacists also work closely with your interprofessional health team to evaluate the optimal medication usage  based on your needs, in addition to updating the medications in your electronic medical record to complete the circle of care for all our patients. 

What Services Does the Pharmacist Provide? 

Medication Review & Update

The pharmacist is responsible for ensuring your electronic medical record is accurate, up to date and includes all your prescription and over the counter medication,herbals and supplements.  This is especially important if you have recently been seen by a specialist or discharged from the hospital.

Medication Education

The pharmacist can discuss your medication with you and provide information in regards to:

Patient Profile

The pharmacist can provide you with an updated profile listing of all your medications and directions for use.

Smoking Cessation

The pharmacist is heavily involved in the smoking cessation program, providing counselling and support for patients interested in quitting smoking. Advice on vaping, e cigarettes and marijuana usage can also be provided.

How Do I Make an Appointment With the Pharmacist?

You can call 905-813-1100 ext. 5741 to book a one on one appointment with the pharmacist.

What Do I Bring to the Appointment?

Bring all medications that you are currently taken or have taken previously, including over the counter medications, vitamins, supplements and herbals. If your medications require refridgeration, simply write down all information, including name and dosage, and bring that to your appointment.